Take Action Against Using Faulty IVC Filters

Take Action Against Using Faulty IVC Filters

Article by Maran & Maran PC

An IVC, or inferior vena cava filter, is a small device which is inserted into the blood vessel between the heart and lower half of body. It has thin wire legs, before entering the lungs these thin wires catches the blood clots which cause pulmonary embolism. There have been the cases of the patients who received the IVC filters and their reports showing the filter broke apart or fall out of the place. The pieces of the metal device travel through the patient’s blood pass through

the vein wall and puncture the organ. Unfortunately, the risk of life-threatening complications becomes high when the temporary filters from the patient body are not removed. There are also some cases in which report shows the occurrence of blood clots at the place of the device being inserted instead of preventing from the clotting.

How Faulty IVC Filters Effect Lungs And Heart

There are frequent injuries that patient experience when the parts of the IVC filters reach the lungs or heart. In most cases, an IVC filter totally falls out of place or breaks and sends sharp, tiny metal splinters through the circulatory system of the patient. Painful, severe, and even fatal injuries may   cause either way.   Secondary injuries are   caused to the   other organs due   to the punctured artery. In many cases, the metal pieces itself reach the heart, pierce the walls of a heart chamber and cause an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).

This also results in cardiac tamponade, a condition in which blood or pus leaks into pericardium (a lining of tissue which surrounds the heart muscle) this interfere with the heartbeat and causes pressure. The claim   made in cases   filed in 2017   was the negligence of   the manufacturers in designing these IVC filter devices and are going through a high rate of failure and cause chronic pain, organ damage, and bleeding.

Reasons of IVC Filter Court case Being Filed

The case state that the device manufacturers did not warn patients and physicians about the risks of the device breakage and its fragments in the blood, damaging a vein or body organ. Medical Malpractice Attorneys argue about the manufacturers who hide the results of their own research which shows the filters as fatal and   dangerous, and to get approval faked the signature of the   employee on the FDA application. The top five products involved in IVC filter litigation are

  • The Bard G2 filter,
  • The Cook Celect filter,
  • The Cook Gunther Tulip filter,
  • The Bard Recovery filter
  • The Bard G2 Express filter

Some other filters that cause the problem are Bard Merdian, Bard Eclipse, and Bard Denali.

IVC Filter Compensation & Settlements

Seek the legal medical assistance from Percy Martinez law firm. The firm attorney who has experience in dealing complicated cases will thoroughly analyze the case. He will help you prove your claim. The compensation is demanded in case of psychological and physical harm, medical expenses, lost wages, and disability by IVC lawsuit. In death cases, a lawsuit for wrongful death is filed for the family members. The considerable settlements are to be expected.


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