Infants’ Wrongful death and lawyers in Ft. Lauderdale:

Infants’ Wrongful death and lawyers in Ft. Lauderdale:

Article by Feller Wendt Personal Injury Lawyers

Explanation of infant and wrongful death:

Before we go to the explanation of a wrongful death, it is necessary and important to define the infancy or infant. Formally, an infant is a synonym of a baby, but according to law dictionary, “an infant is a person who is minor and is below the eighteen years of age. But, here, our concern is with the infant who is a newly born baby”. It is an admitted fact that the birth of a baby is a moment of pleasure for his or her parents. It is a difficult and grueling task for a mother especially. But in some cases, this blessing turns into turmoil and trauma when due to the wrongful act of the medical team causes the death of the baby. Wrongful death of infants is one of the most and serious concerns in Lauderdale. Wrongful death can be defined as “a death caused by the irresponsibility act of the medical health providers”.

Legal questions related to wrongful death:

Usually, parents or legal heirs do not have sufficient knowledge and awareness about the problems related to wrongful death and to file a lawsuit against the guilty party. They feel hesitant and also a sense of intimidation in filing a lawsuit. They do not know whether a lawsuit is legal or not. Therefore, our firm of Percy Martinez, based in Lauderdale always encourages its clients to come and ask their questions related to personal injury lawsuit. If you know someone who has suffered due to the negligence of another person, then come here at Percy Martinez, so that our professional lawyer can help you to get your damages recovered. A personal injury expert knows the genuineness, legality, and rightfulness of the case of his client; therefore, he tries his best to guide his client in medico-legal problems. You are required to have a trust in an attorney at Percy Martinez and requested to share all the possible and relevant information with our lawyer. You should not hide anything from the lawyer so that he or she could help you properly to get your damages recovered. It is our pride that personal injury attorney at Percy Martinez is not only highly professional and completely skillful but friendly and responsive as well. It should be noted here that the lawyers at Percy Martinez analyze the whole documents thoroughly and we also seek help from the expert doctors in the relevant field. The aim of seeking an opinion from the expert doctors in a relevant field is to comprehend the medical complexities so that we could present your case with courage and confidence.

Who can be held responsible for infant’s wrongful death?

These are the parties which can be held responsible for the death of an infant

  • Obstetrician
  • Assistant Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Hospital
  • Medical staff

Settlements in case of infants’ wrongful death:

A settlement is the name of an agreement or an accord between a defendant and the plaintiff. When it has been proven that the death of an infant was caused due to the negligent behavior of the doctor, nurse or any of the members of the medical staff. A settlement may occur between defendant and the plaintiff, when the defendant confesses his negligence and agrees to pay the damages to the legal heirs of the infant. However, it should be noted that the settlement may not be reached upon suddenly. It is a long and lengthy process in which both of the parties fight the case at legal level. Both of the parties bring evidence to make their case strong. Most of the health practitioners do not agree to confess their negligence, but when there is substantial evidence they surrender to face the legal trials. One of the most important things to be remembered here is that our attorney does not make settlement on his or her own behalf. We seek the permission and consent of the legal heirs of the deceased before agreeing to the settlement. We show both sides of the picture to the family of the deceased because it is their legal right to know the pros and cons of the agreement of settlement.


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