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Slip and Fall Accidents

Your Rights after a Slip & Fall Accident

A slip and fall injury can occur when there is a slippery floor, uneven pavement or an object on the ground that causes you to fall . The popular perpetrator of this type of accident is a supermarket. A grocery store constantly cleans their floors. Whether it is a monthly clean up or a clean up of something spilled or broken, the store�s floors are wet. These floors are dangerous. A person can slip and hurt himself. For this reason, the store is required to have notices or signs that show the floor is wet and harmful. When a sign is not displayed and someone is injured, the store could be held negligent for damages.

Once a slip and fall accident occurs, the person has a number of rights. It is a good idea for he or she has to document the event by taking pictures of the incident, by telling the store manager what happened, by finding eye witnesses of the incident, and by seeking an attorney. It is also important that you receive medical attention to ensure that you receive the best odds of making a full recovery.

A Step by Step Guide for Slip and Fall Victims

The first thing you will want to do after an accident is to take pictures. Use the camera on your phone or ask someone nearby to take photos if possible. By taking pictures of what happened, the victim will have evidence of the surroundings. These pictures are important as they could be used as evidence in court. It can also help an attorney assess your case to decide if you have a strong claim.

The next step is to tell the supermarket what happened. Giving them notice will protect others from hurting themselves as the grocery store employees will quickly put a caution sign of the wet floor. Upon talking to the supermarket managers, be sure not to take anything from them as a form of compensation. A form of compensation can be seen as an agreement that what was exchange there is enough to satisfy the incident.

One also has the right to seek medical attention. In most cases, a person should go to the hospital even if he or she is uncertain how injured he or she is. There could be injuries that a person does not even know he or she has yet. By going to the hospital, one has a better chance of finding such injuries and documenting them, thus relating them to a cause of the accident.

Just like the photo one should also find eye witnesses. These people will help support a claim.

Finally, one should get in touch with a slip and fall lawyer, also known as a personal injury attorney. A personal injury lawyer will help decide during a free consultation if one is inclined to filing a lawsuit and receiving compensation. One�s compensation is very important as it will pay for medical bills and other financial burdens in the present and in the future, which was a cause of the event.

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