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Preparing for Bar Exam

Preparing For The Bar Exam

Before you can study for the bar you will need to gather relevant an effective resources. Bar exams are usually split into two days of testing. Day one is usually the multi-state bar exam (MBE) and day two is the essay portion. It is highly recommended that you spend at least eight weeks of preparation for the bar.

When preparing for the bar, use all of your resources to find information. Ask people you may know how they studied for the exam. Search for study guides -- you can usually purchase these at a book store, enroll in a bar review course, and find out which areas of law you will be responsible for knowing in the essay portion.

Make a timeline of what subjects you will need to study. Instead of studying for X number of hours set daily goals. This will help you focus on the material rather than time. It is also a good idea to split your study sessions into 15-20 minute sessions.

Once you feel like you have covered all of the material you can, it is a good idea to take practice tests. You can purchase old bar exam tests online. These are great resources to use. Time yourself when taking these tests and once you have completed on examine your incorrect answers. Research the question and learn why you didn’t get it correct. The better you understand the material the better prepared you will be for the bar exam.

Learn all of the material thoroughly. Know the rules and how to apply them.

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