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Car Accident

How Do You Know If You Need A Car Accident Attorney?

Unintentional injury accidents are the fifth leading cause of death according to the CDC. Among these accidents are fatal auto collisions. With our overcrowded streets, it seems logical that one of the many reasons why car accidents are so prevalent is because there is a plethora of cars on the road.

What defines a car accident is simply when a car collides with another car. What makes car crashes dangerous is the speed and mass of the cars as well as what direction they are coming from. For instance, two car driving 40mph, colliding head-on, would have the most impact in the front of the car where the drivers would be. Two cars driving at the same speed except where one rear ends the other would have a different impact. The car hitting the car from behind would have impact in the front and the other would have the most impact in the back.

In the situations when a car rear-ends another car, fault is usually given to the car that rear-ended the other car. However, car accidents are not always cut and dry or easy to place fault upon. There are a variety of factors that can attribute to who is exactly at fault for an accident. For instance, within the first example that described the cars hitting each other head on, one would have to analyze how they collided in the first place. Did one of the cars randomly drive into the other�s lane? And, if so, what was he or she avoiding in his own lane? And finally, did that driver make the safest choice? However, even if the driver made the safest decision, he or she can still be liable for an accident and the injuries inflicted upon another.

Figuring out who is at fault for an accident can be very confusing. For this reason, there are police officers and personal injury attorneys to assess the situation. If you are unsure if you or the other driver is at fault, schedule a free consultation with a skilled car accident attorney who can answer your questions.