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Back Injuries

Back Injuries Cased By Personal Injury Accidents

When you're young a back injury is never on your radar or even something to consider. As we become older, back injuries are can happen much easier than when you are younger. Normal wear and tear on our bodies can inevitably cause us to have a back injury sometime within our life. These injuries normally occur during sporting events, work-related tasks, during home renovations, or caused by an auto accident.

Back injuries are considered to be pain anywhere from the neck down to the tail bone. The back includes the bones and joints of the spine, the discs that separate the spine and absorb shock as you move, and the muscles and ligaments that hold the bones together.

What Causes A Back Injury

Most back injuries occur during tasks that we don't do on a day to day basis. These tasks are new to our body and so it is not necessarily prepared to handle the stresses we are about to put on it and so it becomes painful and injured. One common injury is caused by lifting an excess amount of weight, more than your body is used to and possibly more than you are capable of handling. However, accidents also happen; for instance you trip or fall on your tailbone, creating a back injury. Not all back injuries are preventable.

One cause of back pain is pregnancy, now while you can prevent pregnancy, you may not want to. So in the case of pregnancy, you simply have to take your time and allow your body to adapt to the new situation that you are putting on it.

Back pain can occur in all age groups, but the majority of people reporting back pain is 20 to 50 years old. Reported back pain outside of this age range is considered to be far more severe a case. Some people are more likely to have back pain then others. Some of the factors for a higher risk of back pain are: aging (getting older), having diseases like osteoporosis, family history, lifting heavy objects, or sitting for extended periods.

Back pain is often due to inflammation and therefore does not usually require immediate medical attention, but if you are prone to Cancer or Osteoporosis or have been in an accident recently, you should go to your doctor and have yourself evaluated.

What You Should Do After a Back Injury

If you have recently been in an accident and your back hurts, you should seek immediate medical attention as well as legal advice. We are not attorneys but we can help you find a lawyer who can help you receive a fair settlement. Only a lawyer can tell you what you are truly entitled to, your insurance agency may try to convince you differently.

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