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Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement Park Accidents & Theme Park Injuries

amusement park accidents

Theme parks are an exciting place for children, teenagers and adults to share memories that could last a lifetime. Most amusement parks pack a day or more worth of activities that can include rollercoasters, games, thrill rides such as tilt-a-whirl or the top spin, Train rides, water rides, transport rides, dark rides, restaurants and food booths.

History of Amusement Parks

Amusement parks have evolved from the originators who built European fairs and pleasure gardens as recreation for people. Since then we have built world fairs, fan fairs, carnivals, theme parks and more recently, Amusement parks.

One of the main differences between an Amusement park and many of the other recreational varieties and the fixed location of an Amusement park. Unlike fairs or carnivals and Amusement park has a permanent location. Theme parks, which are often mistaken as an Amusement park are more specific in that the entire park follows a common style such as Santa Claus Land, which is located in Santa Claus, Indiana. Disneyland on the other hand would be considered an Amusement park because it has combined a number of theme parks into a single amusement park.

Amusement Park Accidents

Amusement park accidents can fall under a number of categories. Some guests may suffer from slip and fall accidents, some may become victims of maintenance or operator neglect, and other may become injured from other dangers that could happen at an amusement park. The common laws that could be associated with an accident at an amusement park could include anyone of the following.

  • Premises liability
  • Product defect
  • Negligence

Injuries associated with an amusement park accident can range from scrapes and bruises, broken bones and possibly death if the situation is severe.

According to Wikipedia, "From 2004 through 2009, the Orlando-area attractions that attracted the most guest lawsuits were:

  • 7 lawsuits for Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls at Universal Orlando
  • 5 lawsuits for Mission: Space at Epcot
  • 3 lawsuits for The Black Hole, a water slide at Wet 'n Wild; Popeye & Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges at Islands of Adventure; and Rock 'n' Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
  • 2 lawsuits each for eleven other rides at area attractions.

A number of parks across the country have had injury accidents. If you have been injured it is advised that you speak with an attorney who can provide guidance for your specific circumstance.

List of Amusement & Theme Parks

Some of the popular amusement and theme parks throughout the United States (certainly not all of them, however) include the following:

  • Adventure City
  • Adventureland
  • Boomers
  • Busch Gardens
  • Dinosaur World
  • DisneyLand
  • Disney's California Adventure
  • Funderland
  • Gilroy Gardens Theme Park
  • Islands of Adventure
  • Knott's Berry Farm
  • Legoland
  • SeaWorld
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
  • Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Studio Park Hollywood
  • Universal Studios Florida
  • Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Walt Disney World
  • Weeki Wachee Springs
  • Wild West Ranch

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